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Prequalifying Round:
Each registered player will have the opportunity to make one of 3 shots at the top of the key from NBA range (24ft) to qualify for the opening round against another player who had also advanced from the prequalifying round. Any tournament player who misses all three shots in the prequalifying round will be eliminated from the competition and will not have a chance to compete in the opening round.

First Round:
Prequalifers will compete next to another person in a side-by-side shooting contest and will have the opportunity to play and make a basket until the other player misses.

Example: Player 1 from the men's division shoots and makes his 3-point shot. Player 2 standing next to him from the same division will then have the opportunity to make his shot as well. If he misses then player two is eliminated from the competition.

If player one misses his first shot and player 2 makes his then player one will be eliminated and player two will move on to the second round of play against another first-round winner. If both players miss their opening shot then they will keep shooting until someone makes a basket. After the player makes a shot the other player will have the opportunity to make his shot as well and if he misses he is eliminated from the game.  If he makes the shot then both men will continue shooting until one is eliminated.

Second Round:

Players advancing from the first round of each division will compete and advance in as many rounds as it takes until a player is declared the winner of each division.


One winner from each Men's, Women's, Men's 60+ and Women's 60+ divisions, will compete in the finals for the overall grand prize.



We welcome seniors 60+ to compete in our tournament. Men and women 60 and over are placed in separate divisions and will only compete against other seniors of the same gender in their category.

This will ensure that we will have at least one person from each of the four divisions competing for the overall grand prize in the finals.

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